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POS Thermal Receipt Printer 80 mm
  • 200mm/s 300mm/s Printing speed
  • 76mm Printing width
  • 0.06~0.08mm Paper thickness
  • USB+Serial/USB+BT/Lan/Parallel/ USB+Serial+Lan Interface
  • 1.1KG Weight
  • 185X145X137mm (D×W×H) Dimensions
Micro Switch Black Kick Cash Drawer

Micro Switch Black Kick Cash Drawer
- This cash drawer connects directly to the Receipt Printer via a RJ11 connector.
- When the transaction is concluded and the command is sent to the printer. To print the receipt, the printer kicks the cash drawer open.
- This Cash drawer insert tray comes with 5 Note holders/Slots and 8 Coin Holders/Slots.
- The cash drawer insert tray can also be bought separately in case a replacement is needed.
- CR-2005-M
- Black
- Printer Kick RJ11
- Yes
Insert Tray Note Compartments
- 5
Insert Tray Coin Compartments
- 8

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